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Canada International Film Festival
"A Legacy Of Whining” & "Snotty Punks"


Westender "A Legacy Of Whining”

“News Briefs: National Film Day; 'A Legacy of Whining'; Leo Awards”

By  Sabrina Furminger​
published on March 28th, 2016 ​

Burnaby Now "A Legacy Of Whining”

“Local filmmakers showcase their roots"            

By Tanya Commisso​
published on March 10, 2016 ​

Why Ross Munro isn’t whining about his return to feature film   "A Legacy Of Whining"

Playback by Jordan Pinto published on Friday, July, 3th, 2015 ​

Ross Munro Mocks Male Midlife Crisis With             "A Legacy Of Whining"

Reel West published on Monday, July, 6th, 2015 ​
By Katja De Bock​​

Broken Palace is worth a look!

The Globe and Mail published on Wednesday, Oct, 1st, 2014
"VIFF Tipsheet: This year’s top Cannes film, plus movie palaces in decline"

Interesting article featuring the six minutes documentary Broken Palace

Broken Palace: Vancouver’s vintage movie theatres fall victim to progress

Vancouver Observer What happens when a Film company takes the pain of loss as artistic inspiration?  
shines a light on what's  being lost with destruction of the city's old-style movie houses.
A.V. Testani from The Peak newspaper
interviewing Ross Munro Director of Broken Palace.
Broken Palace in the News! 

The Peak (SFU) published a great story about our short film Broken Palace!

Kill Your Sons in the Screenplay Festival contest!
Kill Your Sons is a savage black comedy that challenges how society looks at relationships, including battle lines riddled with the casualties and the detritus of those involved.

We are very proud to announce that our writer/director Ross Munro's feature film screenplay Kill Your Sons made it to the semifinals of the Screenplay Festival contest! 

Willson Oakville Film Festival 2016  “A Legacy of Whining”

“Meet the Makers: “A Legacy of Whining” Writer, Director, Actor Ross Munro”

Meet the Makers by Cathleen MacDonald, published on May 26, 2016​

Vancouver Observer "A Legacy Of Whining”

“How to make a movie with a little help from your friends”

By Valentina Ruiz Leotaud​ @valenruizl​
published on March 29th, 2016 ​

First Look Review “A Legacy of Whining”            

Movie Waffler: Review by Benjamin Poole (@filmclubchs & @themoviewaffler)
published on Sunday, January, 17th, 2016 ​
"In this era of toyshops that open at a way-past-bedtime midnight to sell Star Wars toys to old men, and casting decisions made by Marvel studios which are automatically subject to cries of betrayal and entitlement from lifelong fans, A Legacy of Whining seemed pertinent to me.​"

Bizbooks "A Legacy Of Whining”

“The Biz Interview: Ross Munro”

By Jasper Anson
published on March 23rd, 2016 ​

Indie Film Review “A Legacy of Whining”            

One Film Fan: Review by Kirk Fernwood (@Pacifica777 & @OneFilmFan)
published on Sunday, January, 24th, 2016 ​
"Mitch’s presence was the simple, completely over-the-top silliness, harebrained actions, and dialogue that induced consistent chuckles to outright laughter...​"

Georgia Straight: Movie Notes, "A Legacy Of Whining”

“Week in Widescreen: A Legacy of Whining, Blue Velvet, and Mustang”

published on March 30th, 2016 ​

Film Review “A Legacy of Whining”            

Hollywood North Magazine: Review by Nick Wangersky,
published on April, 6th, 2016 ​
"I sort of had other plans the particular night I watched this, but the film made up for lost time and was proven to be quite funny....​"

2016 Willson Oakville Film Festival
"A Legacy Of Whining” 


Flyingsnow (Fashion Blog) "A Legacy Of Whining”

“A Legacy of Whining – Style From 1970s”

By Snow Ren​ @flysnowren​
published on March 25th, 2016 ​

 Ross Munro and Robert David Duncan star in the feature film “A Legacy of Whining” – A Take On Male Mid-Life Crisis,

The Promotion People published on February 23, 2016 ​

“ALWAYS follow your personal instincts and vision” – an interview with Ross Munro   "A Legacy Of Whining"

The Creative Life Interview Series by Christine Bissonnett, published on July 9, 2015 ​

Vancity Theatre Premier 
"A Legacy Of Whining” 


Vancouver Sun "A Legacy Of Whining”

Q&A: Ross Munro talks influences, buddy films, and shooting at YVR

By Shawn Conner​
published on March 29th, 2016 ​