The past ain’t all it’s cracked up to be... 



An independent feature comedy about two former high school friends Mitch and Dunc, reunite over thirty years later in what turns out to be a hilariously bittersweet evening of dashed hopes and painfully debunked nostalgia.

Turning the familiar cinematic trope of the 'Buddy Film' on its head, the film is reminiscent of Scorsese's 'After Hours' with it's Dusk-to-Dawn structure mixed in with touches of outrageous surrealism as it chronicles the comedic downfall of  our two mismatched protagonists as they plunge kicking and screaming down the rabbit hole of the past...  

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Writer/Director/Producer/Actor Ross Munro is pleased to announce that his feature film “A Legacy of Whining” BC premiere will screen at the Vancity Theatre on April 5th & another screening at the Rio Theatre on June 7th, 2016 in Vancouver; followed by the Ontario premiere a Oakville Festivals of Film and Art (OFFA) on June 24th 2016. Ron Heaps and Maria Munro are also producers in this fun filled film.

Ross Munro and Robert David Duncan star as two high school friends who get together after many years. The ghosts of both past and present collide as two former high school friends reunite after 30 years and embark on a darkly humorous nocturnal fever dream of a journey where old emotions and resentments bubble to the surface once again. Angie Descalzi, Keilani Elizabeth Rose and Emily Haine (Fargo, Deadpool) join the boys in this hilarious romp.

“A Legacy of Whining” not only throws gasoline on the familiar cinematic trope of male mid-life crisis but also watches gleefully as it sits back and throws a lighted match onto the proceedings. Inspired by its love of early 1970’s American buddy films, this shaggy dog comedy (played out in one desperation-soaked dreamlike evening) tells the tale of two former high school friends, Mitch (Ross Munro) and Dunc (Robert David Duncan) who reunite thirty years later in an attempt to resurrect the faded corpse of their “glory years” only to find, perhaps, that the past ain’t all it’s cracked up to be… “A Legacy of Whining” is really funny”- The Movie

A Legacy of Whining

Willson Oakville Film Festival 2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION
Canada International Film Festival 2016  OFFICIAL SELECTION
A labor of love “A Legacy of Whining” was shot in Vancouver, Canada from March to August in 2014 with post-production completed in June 2015. Locations for the film included YVR’s South Terminal, a downtown coffee shop while studio sets and green screen sequences were also constructed and shot at Cineworks Studio in Vancouver as well as Can Am Studios in Burnaby. “A Legacy of Whining” was shot digitally using a Canon 5D camera.

Ross Munro is the Vancouver, BC, based writer/director/actor/ of “A Legacy of Whining” as well as the critically acclaimed feature “Brewster McGee”. His last short documentary “Broken Palace” debuted at last year’s prestigious Vancouver International Film Festival and other festivals. Ross’s creative endeavors include the creation of several feature film scripts as well as having recently trained as an actor under acting coach Frank Cassini and at The Actor’s Foundry in Vancouver.

Ross specializes in creating character-driven, edgy movies with an extreme vision and his influences include a mix of past and current filmmakers like Stanley Kubrick, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Jim Jarmusch, Luis Bunuel, and PT Anderson to name but a few. Also, 1970’s American buddy movies and comedy greats Monty Python occupy a big inspirational piece of his creative heart. Ross’s wife, Maria, whom he’s been married to for the last seventeen years, is also a cherished producing partner in his film company as well as in life.

Maria Munro grew up in Caracas, Venezuela where she discovered her passion for visual arts and films at a young age. She is an independent film producer based out of Vancouver, BC. In 2014 she produced the short documentary “Broken Palace.” She produced the music video “The Snotty Punks”. Maria served as Producer, Art Director and Costume Designer

“A Legacy of Whining.” Ron Heaps is a graduate of the prestigious Vancouver Film School and was a producer/cinematographer on “Broken Palace” and “A Legacy of Whining.”

Ross, Maria and Ron plan to continue to produce films and grow into a fiercely creative and financially successful production entity with an unwavering mission statement towards the creation of exciting and entertaining independent features, documentaries, and television projects.

The director is available for interviews. 
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A Legacy of Whining Press Release



Broken Palace: A short documentary about the disappearance of Vancouver’s single-screen theatres  

There was a time when going to the movies was an experience filled with luxury and glamour…

But those times are fading fast. No more than a handful of single-screen heritage theatres still stand in Vancouver. Every year, one after the other succumbs to the development boom.

Broken Palace is a short documentary that recounts the last days of those cinemas with a poem-like narrative. A charming usherette (Kristen Brown) opens the golden doors of one of the surviving venues and takes us through its red carpet to its velvet seats bathed in the dim light of its sparkling chandeliers.

While we walk every inch of the luxurious room, images of how similar spaces have been destroyed appear.

​Through music and spoken word, in just five minutes Broken Palace leaves us with feelings of nostalgia and the urge to protect the city’s formerly glorious cinematic venues.

Directed by Vancouverite Ross Munro (Brewster McGee, A Legacy of Whining –post-prod) and produced by the local Next One Productions, Broken Palace both celebrates and laments the passing of an era when movies and their audiences were once treated like kings and queens.

Broken Palace has been submitted for:

Vancouver International Film Festival 2014OFFICIAL SELECTION

Hollyshorts: Monthly Screenings 2015  OFFICIAL SELECTION

Powell River Film Festival 2015OFFICIAL SELECTION

East Van Short Film Showcase 2015  OFFICIAL SELECTION

Festival Internacional de Cine Fine Arts  OFFICIAL SELECTION

The director is available for interviews. 
Press Contacts:
Valentina Ruiz Leotaud
Maria Munro
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Broken Palace Press Release

Get nostalgic about those times when going to the movies made you feel like royalty.


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